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TJ Timing

We provide accurate, reliable timing-services at a reasonable cost.

About TJ Timing

TJ Timing was born out of the need for accurate, cost effective motorsport timing. It has imported a state of the art system which is accurate to 1/10,000th of a second. Each passing is recorded as an image which allows for photo finish determination. There are no transponders which negates the need for handing out transponders and the collection thereof.

TJ Timing successfully timed the Zwartkops race meeting held on 7 November 2009, which included bikes, cars, single-seaters, 250 Super Karts and an endurance race held at night. The system is capable of timing all types of motorsport from go-karts through to motocross.

Please contact TJ Timing at to further discuss your timing needs.


We time all motorsport events including :

  • Circuit Racing

  • Karting

  • Track Days

  • Motocross

  • Off Road

We also time athletics, cycling, rowing and horse racing.


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